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Board of Directors


Bonnie Conrad

Club President

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dogs

I originated in Missouri. We moved to Indiana and I got my first dog at about 12. I bought a training book with my allowance and trained my dog. I moved to Florida in1971 at age 22 and discovered real training classes with my Dobie. From that time on I was hooked. Moved to North Carolina in 1977 and found the Charlotte Dog Training Club. I put my first CD title on my Rottweiler in 1980.

I have been with Charlotte Dog Training Club for many, many years. I have served on the Board as a Director, Vice President and President, Training director, and Obedience/Rally Trial chair. I have been teaching classes since 1999 and at present I’m teaching Rally Novice. I have put many Rally and Obedience titles in various venues on 7 dogs so far, along with conformation titles, and lots of Therapy work. At present, I am training 2 dogs in scent work and one in Rally/Obedience.



TinaTina Whisnant

Vice President 

Tina Whisnant was born in Massachusetts but got down to God's country as soon as she could, at age 9.  She began to research dog training clubs in the 1980's, found CDTC, joined in '84 and has held various positions in the Club, developed and taught at least 8 different classes over the years, with German shepherds, a mini poodle, Borzoi, and Australian shepherds.  She has competed and titled in conformation, lure coursing, obedience, rally, nosework, and agility, as well as doing pet therapy with all 10 dogs since 1984 to the present, helps with the therapy dog testing which the Club does three times a year, and intends to keep going as long as she has a dog to do sports with!





Leslie Bowar



Leslie was born and raised on a farm/ranch in South Dakota and grew up around all kinds of farm animals and pets. Along with her husband Chad (25 years), she has also lived in Iowa and Oregon prior to moving to Charlotte in 2005. She is a graduate of University of South Dakota with Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and currently works at LPL Financial corporate office.
Leslie first got involved at CDTC with their cocker spaniel, Kirby, taking some classes for fun. While there, she gained insight into the world of Agility and became hooked. She has competed with her English Springer Spaniel, Katie, in Agility and Rally; and does therapy dog visits with her. Her newest dog is a Brittany, Dexter, who performs in Agility, Rally, Obedience, and CAT/Fast Cat (and eventually to be TDI certified). Leslie also enjoys running and has the two best running partners in Katie and Dexter.
Leslie is active in the club as member on the Agility and Obedience/Rally committees and also volunteer support for Therapy Dog certification testing.   


Antoinette Carpenter


Antoinette was born in Cincinnati, OH but moved to various places throughout her life as her family worked for the government.  Then after college, she met her husband who as a military officer, took her to more places and many more homes.  Antoinette was also an officer in the USAF, serving as the Advertising and Publicity for various organizations.  After her military life, she had 4 children, and that allowed her to be able to serve on multiple PTA boards in the capacity of several key positions such as VP and President.  She also served as the President of the Georgia SPCA for 2 years.  Her recent position allowed her to be a Director for Sales and Marketing for a major cable company in GA and AL, managing a multi-million dollar budget that supported 45 retail and satellite offices.  But her passion is to rescue and home dogs.  She has always had animals in one form or another, and began training long haired collies for obedience in her early college years.  Her love of Border Collies began when they were transferred to PA in the early 80’s.  She was amazed how these dogs had the ability to herd sheep and cows with no supervision.  She has trained and owned several Border Collies over the past years.  In 2011, she and her husband opened a senior sanctuary for elderly dogs that were abandoned, abused, or close to euthanasia.  Currently she is training a young border collie, Cheyenne, for obedience and agility, and is a new member to CDTC.  She is excited to be a member of the CDTC and wants to be a valuable addition to the organization.  And she can’t wait to have Cheyenne competing in various trials earning her titles, and suffixes after her name.  




Dawn Heath


Born in Maryland, Dawn and her husband, Shawn, moved to Charlotte in 2002. Dawn has had a passion for obedience and agility training since she was 10 years old and building agility courses in her backyard, using picnic tables and lawn chairs. She began training at CDTC in 2009 with her boxer, Grady. Dawn and Shawn are now owned by 3 boxers, Rubi, Bauer and Miles, and Dawn is active in Rally, Obedience, Nosework, Agility and Conformation. Dawn works as a Marketing Manager for a footwear retailer and also enjoys running.





Lori DeCarlo

Lori was Born in Syracuse, NY and moved to Charlotte with her husband Gio.
They have one son.









Bryan Simms


I became a member of CDTC in 2013 when I was looking for training opportunities for my first cane corso, Valentina, and me.  I quickly found what a great organization we have and have continued training her and my new corso, Echo, in many of the areas that the club  offers training, lately focusing on agility and scentwork.  During my time with CDTC, I have volunteered for multiple roles including class assistant, member of multiple committees, board member, and chairperson of training committee since 2016. As training committee chair, I have worked hard to modernize class enrollment and add new course material to supplement our class offerings.  I would like to continue this pursuit as training committee chair and would like to join our board of directors in order to promote synergy between the committee and board. My goal is to continue to develop new training opportunities for our members as well as the public, encourage new people to become members and volunteers, and maximize the value of our fantastic array of existing training options.


Ann Nored

Anne moved to Charlotte in 2005 with her husband, children, and a basenji. In 2009, she brought home her first Newfoundland, Lizzie, and joined Charlotte Dog Training Club. Lizzie became her first competition dog, and she has now added two more Newfoundlands, Magic and Flash, and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Oliver. She is on the Scent Work Committee and teaches Scent Work at Charlotte Dog Training. She competes in scent work, rally, obedience, water rescue, draft, and conformation, and is active in therapy visits with her dogs



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