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Beth Warren

I have owned 9 Standard Poodles, 2 Mini Poodles and 8 other breeds of dogs.  I have earned 2 AKC conformation champion titles, 2 AKC utility titles, 6 AKC Open obedience titles and Rally excellent, advanced and novice titles. Three poodles earned hunting certificates from the Poodle Club of America. I own two horses at present.

If I wasn’t showing dogs, I showed my horse in dressage. With my new Standard Poodle, I would like to return to the training ring. 

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Vice President

Nan McClure

Nan is a Charlotte native and a lifelong dog lover.  She has been a CDTC member for over ten years and has served on the Board several times as well as Vice President and Secretary.  She is on the Agility Committee and is the Agility Trial Chair for CDTC’s two yearly agility trials.  Nan is a volunteering advocate and feels that by volunteering her time, CDTC will stay a great dog training club.  
First competing with Morgan horses for over forty years, when life circumstances changed she turned to dogs to satisfy her competitive nature.  Shelties were her first love and she found that they were perfect for agility.  As both she and the Shelties aged she found that Papillons were a great choice for her.  She lives with her two Papillons, Rascal, and Boots, who currently compete in agility and Rally, and a Longhaired Chihuahua, Rosie, who is a professional lap warmer.  Both Papillons currently compete in agility and rally.


Donna Craig

I am a native of Charlotte and 6 year member of CDTC. Having a lifelong love of dogs, it’s been a wonderful journey beginning with Miniature Schnauzers and owning many working breed dogs, to the last 20 years with Giant Schnauzers. After attending many classes, assisting trainers for many classes, and earning a CGC with NYX, I have become a CHC Evaluator. We are learning more about trial events and enhancing our skills as a team. After volunteering for Rally Obedience and Scentwork Events, I am always amazed at the bond and skill of CDTC member/dog teams. CDTC is embarking on a new chapter with a new facility of own. While this may be daunting for our club, it opens many prospects for our club to expand promoting training and proper care of dogs.


Carol Hamblin

Carol grew up in the mountains of Southwest Virginia before moving to Charlotte.  Growing up she begin her love of poodles the first were toy poodles. Followed by two miniature poodle rescues which lead her to CDTC for training as well as lots of friends whose friendships have lasted over the years.  While the intention was to take a puppy class she never left and has trained several other dogs over the years.  Currently training Chinese Cresteds.  Over the years her dogs have titled in Obedience, Rally, Fieldwork, Fast Cat, Agility and Scentwork. 


Dawn Heath

Dawn Heath has been an active member, volunteer and instructor at Charlotte Dog Training Club since 2019. Her interest in dog sports started at the early age of 14, attending obedience classes and creating picnic table agility courses in her backyard with her German Shepherd, Jomer. She is now owned by 2 boxers (Miles and Duncan) and a French Bulldog (Stewie). She currently trains in Obedience, Rally, Agility and Scent Work, is an AKC Scent Work Judge and also competes in Conformation, where she titled Duncan to his Grand Championship - all owner handled. Dawn looks forward to being an active board member, and hopes to bring a positive outlook to the club as we continue to transition to the new building. Her goals would be to encourage new members, continue a sense of inclusion across all sports and membership, help drive new business to the club, as well as encourage new dog handlers to success in their training needs. She is also an active member in the Piedmont Kennel Club and the American Boxer Club, where she helps to support Scent Work for the Boxer Nationals.


Mike Stasney

I have owned pet dogs most of my life and only recently began real training and competing in AKC and UKC trials. I am on the scentwork committee and enjoy planning and setting up our events. I own 2 all Americans and 1 labrador retriever. We are very enthusiastic about scentwork.


Victoria Carey

I began my dog training adventure at 12 years old when I got my PBGV puppy and continued through high school by training our golden retriever in obedience and certifying her as a therapy dog. I have been a CDTC member for 25 years as a board member, committee chair, lead instructor, assistant instructor, and general volunteer. I am also active with the local Therapy Dogs International chapter. Currently, my family enjoys taking a variety of classes and hiking with our golden retriever.


Stan Hoffman

I started training dogs after retirement from the Army over 20 years ago. I have trained my own dogs and titled in Obedience, Agility, Sent Work, and Rally. My wife and I live on a small farm just outside of York SC, with five dogs, goats, geese, and chickens.


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