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Charlotte Dog Training Club

Serving Charlotte area dog owners since 1955

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Charlotte Dog Training Club is a Private Volunteer Organization.

You are invited to apply for membership at Charlotte Dog Training Club after meeting one of the following requirements:

·        Successful completion of two Companion Dog training sessions at CDTC within 12 months of your application date. You must have attended at least four classes per session to be considered.

·        Or

·        You have previously placed an AKC Companion Dog Title on a dog (e.g, obedience, agility, rally, scent work or tracking) and have successfully completed one class at CDTC.

Membership in the Charlotte Dog Training Club offers the following advantages:

  •  Reduced Class Fees for our club’s full range of obedience, rally, agility, scent work and tracking classes·       

   •  Unstructured Ring Time (Open Ring) for training during class sessions

  •  Mini-sessions on specialized topics such as clicker training, weave pole performance, attention training and retrieving   

   •  Three AKC sanctioned agility trials, two AKC sanctioned obedience and rally trials  and a scent work trial each year

   •  Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Therapy Dog International (TDI) testing three times a year

   •  Obedience and agility seminars presented by nationally recognized trainers

   •  Annual awards recognizing AKC performance titles earned throughout the year

   •  Opportunities to meet, socialize and train with other dog enthusiast in the Charlotte area

Annual Dues and Membership Responsibilities:

Annual dues are $25 for a single membership and $30 for a family membership.

The club operated solely through the efforts of our volunteers. In order to be able to offer reduced class fees to its members, any member who is actively using the facility to train, either in classes or unstructured training, is asked to help set up or take down mats, gating and equipment as needed each session. Club members should also be available to help out at club sponsored trials and events.

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Where do I find Online Class Enrollment?

·        Class Enrollment Link

·        Why won't my username/password for the member section work for the class enrollment page?

·        Class enrollment is handled through a different web application which uses a different username/password.  You need to set up a username/password for the enrollment app.

·        I tried creating an account/setting a password/resetting a password but never got an email.  What happened?

On rare occasions users have reported the system generated email was placed in their spam folder.  Please check your spam folder for      email

·        How can I add a dog to my account?

You can click the "Dogs" tab and then the "Add Dog" link on the right, which is circled in red in the below image

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