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Welcome to Rally Obedience!



 Kathy RallyWhat is Rally?

 Rally is a fun and exciting sport for you and your dog. You and your dog work together as a team to navigate through a course of signs including commands such as sit-stand-sit, call front-finish left, figure 8, serpentine weave twice, send over jump, 360 right turn, left pivot, etc. You are encouraged to talk to your dog while in the ring and have fun!

About our Classes:

Each Session is six weeks long, with one evening class per week, Each class lasts 45 minutes.

Class size is limited to 10 dogs or less. Prices are updated each session.

Any handler under 18 years of age must be accompanied to all classes by a parent or legal guardian who is required to remain in the building throughout the class.

More information on Rally Obedience can be found at the AKC site here.



Note: Classes may change based on session. Please refer to the class application, when available, for classes offered during that session.

Rally Adv/Ex Run Throughs:  This class is designed to provide experience in running AKC Advanced and Excellent level courses and to ensure that handlers are familiar with AKC Rally Advanced/Excellent rules and regulations. Dogs should be proficient in performing all signs and skills required at every level of Rally. Class participants will receive practice and coaching in running courses. Prerequisite: Rally Adv/Exc or skill verification and permission of instructor


Rally Advanced/Excellent Exercises & Signs:  Teams learn the correct performance of Rally Advanced and Excellent signs. Class participants will also practice short sign sequences. The rules and regulations for Rally Advanced and Excellent are reviewed. This class is designed for students preparing to compete in Rally Advanced. Pre-requisite: Rally Novice Title or equivalent in other registries.


Rally Novice: This class is for dogs and handlers who have knowledge of basic obedience exercises as taught in the Advance Beginner class. Rally exercises, signs, and procedures will be introduced. Novice rally courses will be set up as the class progresses.



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