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Online Class Enrollment FAQ

  • Why won't my username/password for the member section work for the class enrollment page?
    • Class enrollment is handled through a different web application which uses a different username/password.  You need to set up a username/password for the enrollment app.
  • I tried creating an account/setting a password/resetting a password but never got an email.  What happened?
    • On rare occasions users have reported the system generated email was placed in their spam folder.  Please check your spam folder for email
  • How can I use vouchers/worker bucks to pay for classes?
    • Please contact Bryan Simms and he can trade your vouchers for a discount code to use for class
  • How can I add a dog to my account?
    • You can click the "Dogs" tab and then the "Add Dog" link on the right, which is circled in red in the below imageAdd Dog


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