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Fall Rally Show & Go

  • Sun, October 04, 2020
  • 9:00 AM
  • 13607 Choate Circle Charlotte, NC 28273

Update: registration will close Wednesday night, 9/30.  Run order will go out Thursday night.  

Join us for our fall Rally Show & Go.   

Registration:  *CLICK HERE* to register.  

Offering:  Master, Excellent, Advanced, Intermediate*, Novice*

*Video your run for your virtual title submission!  

Event Flyer

Facility Layout (inside) 

Property Overview 


The Charlotte Dog Training Club (CDTC) will be implementing the following protocols during this event.  

These guidelines are designed with the safety of event participants, volunteers, and judges in mind. These guidelines are being publicized in advance to allow exhibitors to make decisions as to whether to participate. If you feel that either 1) your safety is at risk, or 2) you cannot comply with these guidelines, please do not enter this event.

1. Face Coverings:

  • All exhibitors, judges and volunteers must wear face coverings while inside the building, except to eat or drink.  Masks should be either a cloth or surgical or N95 type; they should be well-fitting, cover the nose and mouth, and not require the use of hands to hold in place.  We will be operating in accordance with whatever the NC Executive Order is at the time of the event with regards to face coverings.    

  • For additional information, see the CDC guidance on Masks.  

  • Should you forget, masks can be purchased on site.  

2. Restrooms and Hygiene:

  • Avoid physical contact with others, shared surfaces, objects, or dogs other than your own.  This applies inside as well as outside the building. 
  • Our indoor bathrooms will be available for use.  Surface sanitizing wipes, paper towels, and other cleaners will be readily available.  It’s up to each individual to use these cleaning supplies as they see fit before you use the facilities rather than assume the person before you did as they left.  CDTC will be monitoring the restrooms regularly to ensure supplies are well stocked.   Thank you for helping us keep the restrooms tidy and clean.  Please alert us if you see something that needs attention.  
  • Frequent hand washing is strongly encouraged.  
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for use.  
3. Social distancing: 

All participants will be expected to maintain at least 6’ of social distancing at all times while on the property (the more the better) unless you are members of the same household.  

4. Parking: 

  • Please park in designated areas.  Maintain at least 2 parking spaces between each vehicle.  We have plenty of space to spread out so feel free to bring your pop-up tents, x-pens etc. for use outside, near your car.  Flexi leads are not allowed within 50 ft. of the building but can be used further out.  
  • Be considerate of your neighbor and don’t leave your car running while parked.  If you need to run your engine for more than a few minutes please drive away from the main parking area to do so.  

5. Check in & Run Order: 

An approximate and flexible run order based on class and jump heights will be distributed prior to the event to the email address you provide when you register.  This is intended as a guide only so participants with only 1 dog and 1 class can have a better idea of when they need to be on site.  We expect exhibitors with multiple dogs and/or classes to need to adjust their run order and we will handle all that at the stewards station for each ring.  No worries!  

6. Time in the building:

  • Exhibitors will stage outside the designated entry door based on the ring # for your class.  Rings have designated warm up areas inside the building.  As one team finishes and exits, another will be called to enter.  

  • Exhibitors will be expected to leave the building after judging.  

8. Crating and chairs:

There will be no indoor crating or chairs for exhibitors.  Exhibitors will crate from their vehicle. 

9. Spectators: Depending on what state/county regulations are at the time,  exhibitors *may* be allowed to have 1 person accompany them to video.  Otherwise, there will be no spectators in the building.  

10. Food and Drinks: No food or drinks will be available on site during the event for exhibitors.  There are a variety of restaurants and grocery stores nearby.

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