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spring agilityAgility is a fun active sport for you and your dog! Maneuvering through weaves, tunnel and chutes and flying high over jumps and climbing right up the A-Frame, you and your dog can fly through a course and have lots of fun!

Charlotte Dog Training offers a variety of agility classes. We can help you find the class that fits your needs best!

Each Session is Six Weeks Long, with One Evening Class per Week, Each Class last 75 Minutes.

Class Size is Limited to 10 Dogs or Less. Prices are Updated each session.

Any handler under 18 years of age must be accompanied to all classes by a parent or legal guardian who is required to remain in the building throughout the class.


SAMPLE CLASS DESCRIPTIONS - Please note that we change our class offerings from time to time. For a complete list of classes available and descriptions, please review the Class Applications.



Note: Classes may change based on session. Please refer to the class application, when available, for classes offered during that session.


Pre-Agility: This class will cover clicker training, targeting, "baby" obstacle familiarization, focus, on and off switches, and groundwork. Dogs should know sit and down stay for at least 10 seconds and come when called. This class is held indoors and fee is $110 for Non-Members or $50 for PKC Members.


Advanced Sequencing: This class will focus on improving advanced skills using sequences of 10 or less obstacles.  These skills are to include-but not limited to- layering, independent contacts and weave poles, back side jumping, finding tunnel entrances, jumping patterns (270, 180, pinwheels, and serpentines) and timely cues. This class is for dogs competing at the novice/ open level or higher. Must be able to perform full height contacts and 12 weave poles consistently.  Dogs must be able to work off lead around other dogs and have reliable recalls.


Advanced Handling: This is an obstacle focus/handler focus class. Working on longer sequences, jumping performance and improvement of handling skills. Dogs must have clearly defined contact performance. Prerequisites: For teams working at the Novice/Open level. Beginning Handling, solid stays, off-lead control, consistent recall or instructor approval.


Novice Handling - Distance, Obstacle Focus & Contacts: Perfect for teams experienced in smaller courses, transitioning to larger, outdoor coursework. This class will involve drills for side changes, distance handling, obstacle focus, and consistent contact performance, building to full-length novice courses. Teams must be familiar with all obstacles and able to work off lead.


Masters Agility: This is for dogs and handlers who are competing in Master or Excellent level agility.  Handlers/Dogs must be competing in Master/Excellent and/or have pre-approval from instructor to enroll. 


Groundwork: This class is designed to follow Pre-agility and is taught outside in a more distracting environment. Having a dog that offers behaviors is an advantage. We will continue to improve on skills from Pre-Agility, developing drive lines, playing on planks and tippy boards, increasing rear end awareness, finding weave pole channels, and 2x2 entries. Prerequisite: Pre-Agility or instructor approval. Dogs must come when called reliably and must be able to work off lead around other dogs without visiting.


Competition Distance: Distance work is really a thrill for both handler and dog, and everyone has the capability.  We will also introduce the concepts of Mindful Agility and Momentum Management. This class is designed for achievement of enhanced distance in regular classes and top performances in FAST or Gamblers.    Upon completion, the dogs should be able to do 20-40 ft sends, handle lateral distances of 10' and more and have a measure of independent performance on weaves and contacts.  We will do short sequence drills that have concepts you will use in distance situations. We will also address AKC FAST strategy with the goal of getting max points in the allotted time.  We will have a FAST run through with judge, time, and points at the last class.  Prerequisites:  This is NOT a foundation class (we may have a Foundation Distance two class seminar after completion of this class) Dogs must have:  reliable contact performance, reliable performance with 6 or 12 weaves, 15-foot remote stay (for several of the drills). And be titled in Novice or have at least 6 runs in trial situations.  This class will be limited to 6 students.


Jumps and Turns: This class is for dogs with some agility skills. We will use jump chutes and grids to develop good jumping form and drive lines. We will focus on handling turns-front, rear, blind crosses. When to use each turn and how to handle and cue them. Prerequisites: Ground Work or instructor approval, solid stays, off-lead control, and consistent recall. Dogs must be in good physical condition.


ABC Agility Sequencing: Learning to recognize patterns and how to handle and run short 6-10 obstacle sequences, using Nancy Gyes' Alphabet drills-book. Jumps and tunnels will be used, but we may occasionally also incorporate weaves and a contact. Prerequisites: Dogs must be able to run short sequences, in flow. Dogs should be able to do contacts and closed weaves unaided. If not yet proficient on a particular obstacle handler will elect not to do that particular part of the exercise.  Instead a modification of the exercise will be offered for the dogs that are not yet fully trained on that piece of equipment.


Contacts and Weaves: This class is for dogs that are comfortable on planks and tippy boards. It is designed to introduce independent contact and weave performances. This class will start dogs on channel weaves, contact equipment, different types of contact performance, and sequences of obstacles. The instructor may raise contact equipment to half height maximum depending on class progress. Prerequisites: Ground Work or instructor approval, solid stays, off-lead control, and consistent recall. Dogs must be in good physical condition.


Momentum Management: This class will focus on learning solid recalls, distance stays, rapid response to commands, directional commands, and being able to mind their handler in different locations and with distractions. Handlers will gain confidence in their intuitive abilities to train their dogs, using basic train for success principles. Dogs will gain confidence in their ability to make good decisions. Dogs will need to be comfortable being occasionally handled by someone other than owner. This class will be held outside on the agility field. Prereqs are either a CGC or TDI or have basic sit, stay, recall, down, and walking for short distances on loose lead. Class limited to 8 dogs. Dogs will need to be tethered to the fence or crated during portions of class. Or handlers may bring an assistant to hold the dog when needed.


Beginning Planks: This class will introduce contact obstacles: how to find them and how to safely and independently perform them. Dogs must be able to work off lead around other dogs, have reliable recall, and have completed Groundwork class or have instructor approval.


Distance:  This class is for dogs getting ready for competition or who have started to run trials, and will be fun and high energy.  Upon completion the dogs should be able to do 15-20 ft. sends and handle short obstacle sequences at 10 feet or more from handler.  The skills learned will transfer to Jumpers and Standard. Dogs will need to be crated or tethered when not working. You may bring an assistant to watch your dog, if the dog is unable to be crated or tethered. This class will be limited to 6 students.  Pre-requisites:  Groundwork class, basic handling skills, reliable sit, stay, and recall, familiarity with front and rear crosses.  





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