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Online Class Enrollment FAQ

  • Why won't my username/password for the member section work for the class enrollment page?
    • Class enrollment is handled through a different web application which uses a different username/password.  You need to set up a username/password for the enrollment app.
  • I tried creating an account/setting a password/resetting a password but never got an email.  What happened?
    • On rare occasions users have reported the system generated email was placed in their spam folder.  Please check your spam folder for email
  • How can I use vouchers/worker bucks to pay for classes?
    • Please contact Bryan Simms and he can trade your vouchers for a discount code to use for class
  • How can I add a dog to my account?
    • You can click the "Dogs" tab and then the "Add Dog" link on the right, which is circled in red in the below imageAdd Dog

Where do I sign up for a class?

CDTC holds classes in the Spring and Fall, with a mini-session available in the Winter. Registration is typically available a few weeks before classes start. So, be sure to check our site frequently or visit us on Facebook to know when classes are available.

Applications will be available online under the "Training Classes" link above. Be sure to check back for the next session applications.

How do I register for a Dog Training Class?

Applications are available a few weeks prior to the next session. You may sign up for alerts to receive notices when the next applications are available or be sure to check back often. Classes are offered in Winter, Spring and Fall. We take the Summer off due to the heat.

Is there a benefit to being a Member?

Yes, of course! CDTC members get first access to available classes before registration is opened to the public. Also, besides reduced class, seminar fees and Open Ring availability during our class sessions, you also get to be a part of a club with others who enjoy their dogs as much as you do. We plan quarterly membership meetings where we not only learn about the upcoming club happenings, but also get to socialize with the group and listen to guest speakers or just have fun. We also plan a yearly dinner where you and your dog are recognized for titles you've earned throughout the year. Membership definitely has its benefits.

What can I expect to learn in Dog Training Class?

At Charlotte Dog Training Club, we train YOU to train your dog. We do so by using positive training methods so that training and learning can be fun for both you and your dog. You may also expect a deeper relationship between you and your dog. What you expect to get from your training experience truly relies on what you put into it.

What are the Requirements to becoming a CDTC Member

Membership requirements are:

* Complete at least 2 CDTC Companion Classes.


* Have already earned an AKC title on your dog and completed one CDTC class.

What qualifications do the Trainers have?

Our trainers have a variety of expertise and qualifications as they all come from years of training their own dogs, as well as others.

My Dog doesn't play well with others, can I still take the Training Class?

We ask if your dog has behavioral issues that you contact the instructor for the class you are interested in. Some issues are easily worked through; however some may require the attention of a behavioral specialist. CDTC does not accept dogs with aggressive behavior.

Do I have to be a member to take a Dog Training Class?

No. While being a member does have its advantages, you do NOT have to be a member to take classes with CDTC.

What if I miss the registration deadline?

Unfortunately, if you have missed the deadline for the current class session, you will need to sign up for the next available session. Be sure to sign up for alerts so that you can be one of the first to know when classes are available.

Can any breed take a class?

Of course! Charlotte Dog Training Club welcomes dogs of any breed, and any size. Your dog does not have to be registered purebred as we welcome all breeds, large or small, mixed or pure, with the exception of wolf and wolf hybrid.

Are Private Classes Offered?

Private classes are not available through CDTC. We promote a group training experience.


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